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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30. the weekend is approaching so let's get you out of the gate with a little traffic and weather. and roberta, 80s today perhaps? >> yes. we have near and definitely some records broken again today. good morning, everybody. as you are heading out the door, right now it is a very mild start to your day. temperatures very similar to yesterday. okay, the coolest locations north of the golden gate bridge into the 40s. later today we're talking about 87 degrees in gilroy. 80s across the northern portion of the bay area. your full forecast still straight ahead. and checking the road conditions before you leave your house, here's a live look right now at the bay bridge, the toll plaza. some slight delays already forming in the cash lanes. overnight we had some delays leaving san francisco getting on the lower deck. we'll check current conditions in just a few minutes. a woman reported missing in vallejo has reappeared and police now believe she and her boyfriend carried out a kidnapping hoax. denise huskins turned up yesterday more than 400 miles away. she was at her parents' home in
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huntington beach yesterday morning. investigators now say that even before she turned up, the details of the case did not add up. for example, her boyfriend aaron quinn did not call police for hours after the alleged abduction from his home. and the ransom demand was $8,500. >> i can tell you that our investigation has concluded that none of the claims has been substantiated. >> police say the couple owes people in vallejo an apology for wasting city resources. denise initially promised yesterday to cooperate with investigators. but later, she hired a lawyer and she and her family stopped talking to authorities. tributes pouring in from all across the country for fallen san jose police officer michael johnson shot and killed on tuesday while responding to a call about a suicidal man at a "senter road" condominium complex. he was a 14-year veteran of the
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san jose police department. investigators say 57-year-old scott dunham shot him while standing on his balcony. dunham was later found dead there after a long standoff with the police. investigators believe he was shot by another officer. >> what we've learned is that the courageous work of officers there on the scene may well have saved other lives. >> at one point during the standoff a s.w.a.t. team punched a hole in the wall a neighboring condo to a robot -- so a robot could search the home. dunham's daughter reported that her father was threatening to kill his wife and himself. the death of officer johnson generated responses around the nation including his home city of san jose. yesterday there was a large procession when he was brought from the coroner's office to a funeral home in los gatos. hundreds of people lined the streets along the route. they included firefighters who gathered on overpasses and
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stood on fire trucks to salute officer johnson. flags across the city are at half-staff and flags are lowered at santa clara county government buildings and in sacramento, governor brown ordered the state capital flags to be flown at half-staff. outside sjpd headquarters people have been leaving a growing memorial. officer johnson is the 12th officer killed in the line of duty in the san jose police department's 6-year history -- 166 year here. he was a native of san jose. he joined the force in 2001. he was in the same police academy class as jeffrey fontana, the last san jose officer killed in the line of duty 14 years ago. officer johnson was 38 years old. he is survived by his wife nicole, and other family members. san jose police department has changed the main page of its website to this tribute you see here. his badge number 3718. and we have continuing coverage on air and at
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it is 4:33 right now. why don't we get a look at the bay bridge, i believe, from our roof cam. beautiful shot out there of the bridge. [ pause ] >> it's going to be a nice day outside today, though? >> it is going to be an amazing day outside. if we can't have the rain we just have to embrace it, okay? because we're going to have temperatures soaring up to 87 degrees so you know somebody's backyard in their own little microclimate will touch near 90. >> i think you said juliette's yesterday. >> yes. it's always hot at her house. [ laughter ] >> out the door, we have some clear skies. we have a nonexistent wind and at this time we're looking towards s-f-o where we have no reports of airport delays and don't anticipate anybody because it will be cloud-free. there will be clouds next to the seashore this morning but then that will dissipate. it is currently 46 in santa rosa. it's in the 50s from san jose through the tri-valley into oakland as well as in concord
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at 53 degrees. average high in san francisco 62 today 12 degrees above average. we should be at 64 in oakland. instead, 80 degrees. very summer-like. 60s beaches. 80s across the santa clara valley. 80s east of the bay, as well. 85 today in brentwood. the winds remaining slight. across the north bay up to the mid-80s, as well. cloverdale at 85. liz, the seven-day forecast is still coming up. >> stay tuned for that. thank you, roberta. and out the door, at 4:35 we are seeing a lot of overnight roadwork especially for the next 25 minutes. you may hit it in san leandro northbound 880 looks okay through here if you are by oakland airport oakland coliseum but again farther south southbound 880 between those davis and marina exits like we often see the roadwork continues for the next 20, 25 minutes. 55 miles per hour. so no major delay. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. and eastbound traffic you will hit that overnight roadwork as well foster city boulevard to clawiter and everything is okay
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over the high-rise. out to the bay bridge the toll plaza, delays have cleared out in the cash lanes. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. the situation in yemen is getting worse. today saudi arabia carried out air strikes bomb shiite rebels. they have taken over much of yemen and yemen's sunni president fled the country. the u.s. is providing support there. the saudis are deploying 150,000 ground troops. the owner a trucking company believes he knows what caused a gravel trailer to tip over and crush a woman. he told the "chronicle" there was a balance problem. people have raised more than $10,000 online to pay for funeral expenses for the victim lindsey combs and set up an education fund for her young daughter. the gender discrimination case against the silicon valley venture capital firm is now in the hands of the jury in san
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francisco. former employee ellen pao is seeking $16 million in lost wages and earnings plus potential punitive damages. regardless of the outcome, the case is already having an impact here in the bay area. >> gender issues in silicon valley have been a secret for far too long. this has put the discourse front and center. it's opening up the underbelly of the venture capital world which is even more in many ways segregated than the high-tech world. >> pao claims she was excluded from key meetings subjected to sexist behavior and retaliated against when she complained. the company says she wasn't very good at her job and antagonized coworkers. today the state assembly is expected to vote on the governor's drought plan. it's because of scenes like this with parched ground and depleted reservoirs. yesterday, the senate approved a billion-dollar measure that governor brown proposed last week. the money would go to local water projects and people who have lost their jobs because of the drought. and some central valley farmers
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are selling water to other farmers so annual crops can survive a year without water but others like almond orchards and vineyards cannot so water transactions are commonplace in parts of the san jaoaquin valley and the prices tend to be reasonable because most farmers want to help keep their neighbors in business. >> farmers are allowed to sell their extra water to other farmers within the modesto irrigation district boundaries. mid stays out of the pricing for that. >> people are trying to take care of homes. you will see some water sales one farmer to their neighbor within districts. >> however, some districts do not allow farmers to sell water amongst themselves and require them to stick to strict allotment programs. some students and teachers in san jose will spend time outside the classroom today to learn about the late civil rights leader cesar chavez. kids and parents from alum rock elementary school union school district will march from dorsa elementary school to the mexican heritage plaza. the tribute will start at 8:30
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this morning. 4:38. a deadly night in tornado alley. we'll have the latest from oklahoma. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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new information this morning about the german airliner that crashed in the french alps. one of the pilots may have been locked out of the cockpit. >> reporter: crews are flying again over the french alps this morning searching for the data recorder belonging to the doomed "germanwings" jet. so far analysis of the plane's voice recorder has only deepened the mystery over tuesday's crash. the "new york times" is reporting its audio indicates one of the pilots left the cockpit before the plane's descent and was unable to get back in. citing an unnamed investigator, the report says someone first heard knocking lightly on the door and then stronger when there is no answer.
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in the end, the investigator reportedly revealed you can hear the pilot trying to smash the door down. french investigators have only confirmed voices can be heard on the recorder but say a lot more analysis is needed. >> having a full understanding of it will take weeks and even months. >> reporter: pressure is mounting on chopper crews to find the remains of 150 victims from the mountainside here in the french alps. among the dead, pentagon contractor yvonne and her daughter emily. both were from virginia and were in europe for a mother- daughter vacation. a third american was also on board. >> we are in touch with the family but are not releasing the name at this time out of respect for the family. >> reporter: french officials say the plane was flying until the end and the final communication was a routine message asking for permission to continue on its route. tina kraus cbs news seyne-les- alpes, france. >> the "new york times" says that so far officials don't know why that pilot left the
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cockpit. several tornadoes touched down in oklahoma last night. at least one person died when a twister plowed through a mobile home park near tulsa. the same tornado also hit as dozens of children were in a gym class. they all took cover in a basement as the roof was torn off. the children later appeared shaken but otherwise okay. and take a look at some of the aftermath here. roofs torn completely off. wood and metal just littering the streets. and you can see it left this woman's kitchen a complete mess. the tornado sheared this power line in half and damaged businesses. >> i know roberta you have a son at the university of oklahoma. i imagine you talked to him last night? >> i certainly did. that is also the home of the national weather service. the national weather service. it's right there at the university of oklahoma. and they were under severe weather alerts last night. he said, mom, it was terrible for about an hour and a half and at his fraternity they had to go into the basement, as well. and one of the tornadoes touched down just right outside of moore, oklahoma that had that devastation with 24 people
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that were killed just a couple years ago. so they had heads up there. it's that time of the season, as well. you know, we're just skipping seasons right here in the bay area. we are transitioning right into the summertime. take a look at the live weather camera right now looking out towards sfo. clear skies there. no anticipation of any local airport delays today as we enter near and record warm temperatures here in the bay area. sure, it's a cool start in santa rosa at 46. clear skies and 50s throughout most areas. we have the fog bank developing off the coast that will impact our forecast for friday. right now huge ridge of high pressure continues to encompass the western states. as it does so today will be the warmest day of the impending warming trend. then this high pressure traverses east more of an onshore flow tomorrow with temperatures coming down especially along the coast and gently inland. today 87 degrees fresno. 76 monterey bay. upper 60s in the greater lake tahoe area. our numbers will pan out like
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this with a northwest wind at 5, 70 in pacifica. 74 in san francisco when we should be 62. 70s and 80s common north of the golden gate bridge to the mid- 80s east and also 58 in san jose. should -- 85 in san jose. should see a record high of 87 in gilroy. the numbers will come down inland gently and more substantially along the coast. cooling trend over the weekend, temperatures still well above average for this time of the year. good guy get together in alameda county. 75 degrees to see the classic cars. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> good transition. thank you, roberta. let's see. let's go out the door. in the last 15 machines or so we have a couple new incidents rolling in. if you are heading to san mateo right now, the connector to southbound 101 to westbound 92 remains closed because of a stall. so i know they're working to clear that quickly. the rest of the peninsula looks great and out to san rafael,
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the eastbound on-ramp to westbound 580 is closed after a crash last night. car took out a pg&e power pole. now they have to fix that and re-open the ramp and re-open streets. in the meantime everything is closed while they do the repairs. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. there's the zipper crews. caltrans out there making four southbound lanes in the commute direction. and so far everything is super quiet right now across the richmond/san rafael bridge. one car heading into marin county. the drive time is 14 minutes between richmond and van rafael rafael. southbound 880 may have overnight roadwork coming into san leandro between davis and marina but the eastshore freeway looks great. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. we'll keep the car theme
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going. the automaker jaguar just unveiled its latest car by moving it across a high wire over canary wharf in london. look at that. a film industry stuntman was behind the wheel of the 2016 xf luxury sedan. people will be able to check it out on the ground next week at the new york international auto show. a bus swallowed up by a sinkhole in brazil that opened up after a big day of heavy rain. bus reappeared on the other side as they pan across and carried down the river. everyone on board evacuated minutes before the bus got sucked in. distracted driving is the biggest reason teenagers get into car crashes, 58% of all teen accidents four times what the government estimated. the study looked at videos shot inside teenager's cars to find out what happened. the biggest progress lem, looking at cell phones or -- the biggest problem, looking at cell phones or texting. bay area construction projects are delayed because of
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a shortage of glass. curtain wall is the tempered glass that forms the outside skin of most modern high-rises. without it crews cannot begin any of the interior work. several large projects in san francisco are not getting the glass they needed delivered. >> if we can't start those activities because there's no glass, we can't finish the building. >> port of oakland slowdown has had a big hand in the delays with ships waiting offshore for months or diverted to other ports. in the competitive world of real estate, it's all about getting the edge on the competition. reporter juan fernandez shows us one company is putting prospective buyers inside homes without ever stepping foot in the door. >> juan, welcome to malibu's tuscan treasure. >> reporter: when it comes to buying real estate, there's nothing like actually being there to see the property yourself. not everyone has the time or can do so.
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>> the potential is massive going forward, two, three, five years, it's really going to change how real estate is bought and sold. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: matthew hood of sotheby's is talking about virtual reality technology similar to what's used in some videogames now being used to showcase southland homes. with gopro cameras pointed in all directions, they record every angle of the house just like you were walking through and stitch it together with computers into virtual reality. i tried it for myself with this special pair of goggles and took my own personal home tour. >> like anything new, people tend to be skeptical at first but once they experience it, it changes their whole vision of what we're offering and they back it up and believe in it. ♪[ music ]♪ >> reporter: this new technology is being used to market the sale of this 10,000- square-foot tuscan italian- inspired home in malibu, the asking price around $7 million. and as in many cases of high- priced properties, the buyer is often not a local resident.
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>> what this allows is for you to experience a home in a way never possible before in just minutes without having to jump on a plane and be here. >> reporter: the next step in the evolving field is adding sounds or smells to the experience. then adapting the technology for homes in any price range. >> anybody can be here with us today with the glasses. >> reporter: eventually you will go to a real estate office and see many homes at the same time all with these goggles. >> all right. we're just getting some information, some new information on that flight that crashed on the french alps. >> we are going live into a news conference happening in france right now. let's listen in. [ non-english language ] [ speaking french ] >> well, obviously, they are speaking about the crash. there were some new developments. it's in french so it's hard to understand. but we'll get that information and as soon as we get it, we're
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going to give it to you. we're going to take a break now. time now 4:50. elon musk hyperloop is on the way. what we're learning about the project headquarters when we come back.
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good morning, everybody! looking in and around the bay area, we do have the good guys car show taking place this weekend with the temperature topping off at 75 degrees at the alameda county fairgrounds. expect sunshine some pretty warm conditions but much cooler than what we have experienced today. today's highs near and record warmth. we'll pinpoint your area as the news continues. and we're off to a good start on the roads and mass transit is just picture- perfect. no delays for bart, ferries and caltrain or "ace" train number
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one which just left the central valley. we'll have a check of "kcbs traffic" coming up. 4:54. the futuristic high speed hyperloop is another step closer to reality. the company behind the transportation project has leased warehouse space in downtown l.a. the project is from the mind of elon musk who is also behind tesla motors. it would use vacuum tubes to transport people from the bay area to los angeles in a half- hour. an american soldier who abandoned his post in afghanistan then became a taliban prisoner could face a lifetime behind bars. army sergeant bowe bergdahl has been charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the taliban captured him after he walked away from his base and he spent five years as a hostage before being released's part of a prisoner exchange. he faces life in prison. less serious penalties include's dishonorable discharge also a possibility.
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a bay area taxi driver accused of raping an unconscious woman in his cab has been arrested. police say the man a checker cab driver picked up a woman who had been drinking at sunnyvale on sunday night. at some point the woman passed out in the cab and that's when it's alleged that the man and his roommate raped her. the cab company fired her. >> first time something like that happened. >> singh's manager said the driver went through the typica department of justice background check. a jogger kicked a dog and killed it. it happened at kensington hilltop elementary school on saturday. the dog's owner says she was walking her 14-pound pug off leash when it ran toward the jogger. that's when he got scared and kicked the dog in the head. >> she was just laying still on the ground with her legs stiff. so i ran to her and her eyes were rolled back in her head. [ crying ] >> she wasn't moving.
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and he kept running! he kept running away. so i had to scream for him to stop. [ crying ] >> i'm devastated. >> police have reason to believe the man was legitimately afraid. animal control reports a dog bit him in 2012. the district attorney will decide whether to file charges. a terminally ill woman recorded a video before she died to ask lawmakers to let people like her legally end their own lives. brittany maynard went to oregon so she could legally commit suicide. and now her family is pushing for death with dignity law here in california. >> i am heartbroken that i had to leave behind my home, my community and my friends in california. but i am dying and i refuse to lose my dignity. i refuse to subject myself and my family to purposesless prolonged pain and suffering at the hands of an incurable disease. >> that video was released before a hearing in sacramento. right now similar laws exist in
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five other states. the city of san jose mourns the loss of one of its finest. i'm kiet do. we have a live report with new details about that fatal officer shooting yesterday. >> and we have breaking news on the plane crash in france. investigators
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good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on a very, very busy thursday morning. >> yes. first some stunning news out of france about the plane that crashed into the alps. we are now learning that one of the pilots purposely crashed the plane. french investigators are holding a news conference in marseille right now. he is saying that the german co- pilot appeared to want to destroy the plane.
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let's listen in on this news conference right now. it's in french with an english translation. >> who he was, the copilot. i have already given it to the victims' families. his name was andreas lubitz. -- loubiz. could a loss of consciousness have led to the altitude maneuver? no. the lever that you turn, you turn several times according to how much altitude you want to lose. it's a deliberately -- it can't be done automatically. so -- well, if his head was to hit it maybe it will move by a quarter of a turn but it won't do anything. it won't turn it 15 times. i would remind you, he went from 10 to 12,000 meters down to 2,000.


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